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More Spy Stuff.

Though we were shooting at a motel, Richard’s car afforded some slightly different scenes. I grabbed these outside as we were beginning the day. I was really happy with the way the reflections came out on the second one.




What The–?!

A friend of mine on twitter gave me a small heads up about a local company that was looking to have some photography done of their baked goods. The client never surfaced but the idea stuck in my head.

How would I photograph baked goods without going the obvious route? I mean, without using bakery locations or chef’s hats or Jane Austen-esque women at high tea.

I started simply. I figured, what if I just put some cupcakes in some odd places? Nothing seemed to work in my head. Then I got to thinking that a lot of people describe confections as “guilty pleasures” and don’t always wanna admit that they’ve eaten them. I liked the way that was going and thought I’d take it a step further.

Before I could do anything I needed to shoot one to see if the concept held up as well in my camera, so I sent Joe a quick text message to ask him to stand in. I promised he could have the cupcakes after I was done. He was sold despite complaining that he wasn’t up to looking pretty.

This is what we got:

The Cupcake Fairy-3242.jpg

I think it’s pretty clever. The location needs a little bit of playing with and the lighting’s not exactly even, but for a 10 minute setup and 15 minutes of shooting, this is really close to what I was thinking.

I’m wondering if shooting the series and showing it to the client might not have some merit. I mean, they might just love the idea…


Forced March.

“It’s good for you!” is my wife’s refrain whenever we go on a family walk. She walks a whole heckuva lot faster than I do and up till recently, I’d quicken my pace to keep up (and she was the one pushing the stroller!).

This most recent trip, I wised up. I put my son in the backpack carrier and I grabbed my camera. Whenever something looked photo-worthy to me, I stopped. Sure, we walked a lot further than I would have on my own, but I never got really tired. And I got some fun snapshots, to boot.

family walk-1961.jpg

family walk-1957.jpg

family walk-1955.jpg

family walk-1953.jpg


I Always Hear This Song.

When I see these cars. Can’t help it.


Interestingly, I had no idea that Rosemary Clooney was the woman who sang the song.


Guard Your Grille.


And perhaps, “Watch your backside…”


I had buddies in college from New Jersey who used this as a motto. For those of you who don’t follow the title reference, it’s a bit obscure, but the lyrics are here.


The Kindness of Strangers.


I’ve found that when I carry a camera around and I ask nicely, people will let me make photographs of whatever I like. In this case, an old Ford Mustang. Richmond’s got lots of old cars around and the neighborhoods around Forest Hill Park seem to have more than their share.

I was driving home from the playground with my infant son in the back seat when I saw the car. The man who owned it was out working on his other car, a more modest, newer Ford. When I asked nicely if I could shoot a couple of quick pictures of his car, he was taken aback. Apparently, he’d restored it and the car was due for a touchup. It looked great to me.

He even opened it up for me. There’s nothing to lose by asking!



Car-pe Diem.

Usually my wife takes our daughter to daycare in the mornings and I pick her up (the daughter, not the wife) in the afternoons. That all changed when our son was born and my wife stayed home with him. I’m the drop off guy now.

So this morning, after drop off, I stopped at the gas station nearby the center and noticed the car in the photos below. I almost drove on and forgot about it, but something inside of me made me go into the ‘Mart and ask whose car it was. The worst the driver could say was no, I figured. The woman behind the counter who drove the beast smiled shyly and said that yes, I could photograph her car. She was pleased. I snapped a dozen images and ran along to school.

I wasn’t expecting much, but was pleased when I pulled them up in Lightroom. I worked ’em over using some preset treatments I’d downloaded here for free. I’m thinking I may even spring for the whole set of 52 ’cause I like what I saw.

If anyone can identify this car beyond the obvious, please lemme know. I can tell it’s a Chevy Bel Air, but its vintage is a mystery to me.





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