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Her Ladyship.

This is Shawn, who happily joined us on our steampunk escapades through the old factory. She was great to work with. I’m anxious to get her back in the greenhouses just ’cause I think there’s a lot of interesting stuff that may be a little less costume intensive in those spaces. The light wasn’t this warm, but it really did wrap around the space like that.



More in the Series.

all star-8541

I know I promised to stop, but I’ve got a lot of these in the pipeline. I think they’re like warmup stretches for athletes or short fiction for writers. Sometimes something nice comes, but they’re just a springboard for my eye. They keep me and my thought processes honest.

The only thing I’d like to add is that I’ve unabashedly stolen the idea of the text on these from here.


Light Fare At Can-Can.

I carry a camera of one type or another with me all the time. Occasionally, it’s a film camera. There’s a romanticism to film that I like. Sometimes it’s a digital camera, a small point-and-shoot or a somewhat bulkier DSLR. I always have my phone with me, and you’ll have to remind me to show you some of the stuff I’ve seen with it sometime. Today, it was the DSLR.

I was meeting an old friend, the one who blogs. I’d cancelled on her earlier this week and, after giving me no end of e-shame (to include a blog post about standing her up, after which she went on a proper date, thankyouverymuch), we conspired to meet at what I’d almost blithely described as “the French place in Carytown,” Can-Can.

Though it’s been a bit drizzly here in Richmond lately, the light’s been beautiful. There’s so much to see, when you know what to look for. I figured that the light would be nice near the front of the restaurant to snap a few images for fun. In fact, every time I pass that place I marvel to myself how wonderful it would be to shoot a real portrait there, and then I never do. And I didn’t today.


What I did shoot however, were some images of the space, which always makes me wish my wife and I had more time to just lay about and spend money without a care in the world. Sadly, we have to work. But in addition to having beautiful light and being a fun place hang out and have a lazy Paulaner, Can-Can has great food.

We noshed and talked about old times and old acquaintances and did a fair amount of people watching, after which we parted ways. The general manager knows both of us from restaurant circles and bade us a nice evening as we left.


As I come to the end of this post, it occurs to me that there may even be a “she said” version of these events, and so there is. Check it out and have a good weekend.


All She Wore.

Not so far on the heels of shooting glamour photos with Carlos Funn and Tim Wood, a friend of mine asked if I’d help her create some racy photos for her boyfriend. I agreed and we went round and round as to how best to stage them. We finally settled on finding a motel in town and came up with some amazing results.


There were several that looked a little like this that I really liked, the contrast of the reflection along with her petulant glare I thought worked well

Continue reading ‘All She Wore.’



These are the top 25 blogs. I’m not sure how they’re calculated but what I thought was interesting was that this one was included in this secondary list. I kinda always thought this image might work for that site. *Shrug.*


I guess you never know.


Good Eats.

I’m working with a local branding firm to redesign a website for a restaurant here in town. I went by to “sketch out” some ideas for the final product and actually walked away with a few things to play with.

Since I’m in the habit of using this space as my personal sounding board, I’ll throw a few up here to look at.




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