By scott

I used to run a darkroom in Richmond, Virginia called Martha’s Darkoom. It’s where I learned to process film and print in color and in black and white. During the years that I hung out there, I learned the trade from Martha. Later, when I took over the business and did my own work, I figured out a lot about how images look. I got to process and print for a bunch of people, many who were better image makers than I was. Some of them were phenomenal landscape artists. Others had a way with portraits. No matter what they did, I could always find something to learn.

I still like learning things about photography and I still like experimenting, when time permits, but my aim hasn’t changed. I still want to make the best images I can.


1 Response to “About.”

  1. 1 Scott Emerson
    November 12, 2008 at 11:20 am

    Hey, your photography is really nice.. Great shots of the couple and that guy high on the tower, or building… Keep in touch if you would like to get together in some of those surboard shots… May a have a few surfer buddies that may like to get in some soots also, arranging multiple surfers, boards and so forth… Thanks, keep me posted,,, Scott

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