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A Nice Place to Eat.


I had lunch with a friend in a quaint little spot in the Fan yesterday. I desperately want to go back and shoot something else there. The space is beautiful. This little angle doesn’t do it justice.
And the food was amazing too. If you’re ever in Richmond, eat there.



Workin’ on some other stuff, but I figured I was on a roll.

A buddy of mine was interested in a new twitter icon. I thought we’d try badass for one version.



Happy Holidays.

This is the same shot as this, but in color.


It’s a busy day with the two kids who live at my house. I’ll have newer, more interesting stuff next week.

Happy holidays, folks.


Straight Outta NOLA.

This is Louis Ledford.
He makes music.
His website is here.
We only had 30 minutes after 8 o’clock the other night.

Check out some of his music here and his myspace page.

Louis Ledford-5497


Light Fare At Can-Can.

I carry a camera of one type or another with me all the time. Occasionally, it’s a film camera. There’s a romanticism to film that I like. Sometimes it’s a digital camera, a small point-and-shoot or a somewhat bulkier DSLR. I always have my phone with me, and you’ll have to remind me to show you some of the stuff I’ve seen with it sometime. Today, it was the DSLR.

I was meeting an old friend, the one who blogs. I’d cancelled on her earlier this week and, after giving me no end of e-shame (to include a blog post about standing her up, after which she went on a proper date, thankyouverymuch), we conspired to meet at what I’d almost blithely described as “the French place in Carytown,” Can-Can.

Though it’s been a bit drizzly here in Richmond lately, the light’s been beautiful. There’s so much to see, when you know what to look for. I figured that the light would be nice near the front of the restaurant to snap a few images for fun. In fact, every time I pass that place I marvel to myself how wonderful it would be to shoot a real portrait there, and then I never do. And I didn’t today.


What I did shoot however, were some images of the space, which always makes me wish my wife and I had more time to just lay about and spend money without a care in the world. Sadly, we have to work. But in addition to having beautiful light and being a fun place hang out and have a lazy Paulaner, Can-Can has great food.

We noshed and talked about old times and old acquaintances and did a fair amount of people watching, after which we parted ways. The general manager knows both of us from restaurant circles and bade us a nice evening as we left.


As I come to the end of this post, it occurs to me that there may even be a “she said” version of these events, and so there is. Check it out and have a good weekend.


The Fashion Police.


These two women are the same person. On twitter, she’s the RVAFashionista. She runs this blog. I’m working on a project with Joe over at Brainchild Collective featuring some of the cool Richmond kids on twitter and she’s one.

She’s got the last word on Richmond fashion, whether it’s shoes or tops or how your empire waist dress oughtta fit.

Check her out.


The Matrix.

“I hate this place. This zoo. This prison. This reality, whatever you want to call it, I can’t stand it any longer. It’s the smell, if there is such a thing. I feel saturated by it. I can taste your stink and every time I do, I fear that I’ve somehow been infected by it. “

Agent Smith from The Matrix


It was all I could think of when I re-discovered this neg.

There was this guy I used to know who bugged the heck out of me to come along when I shot a wedding six or seven years ago. I had never done it before and couldn’t afford to pay him, but happily let him come. I had a good time but he was absolutely bowled over by the experience.

Within a year, he’d quit his job and scored a couple of digital cameras and a simple editing system and was shooting weddings full time. Not long after that, he was shooting event coverage and somehow got a client who needed some headshots. He offered to bring me along as his assistant and said if I wanted I could shoot some. They were going for a Men in Black kinda theme.

This was one of the black and whites I shot. The other roll was cross processed and didn’t come out well ’cause the film lends itself more to colors and these were largely monochromatic images.

I kinda thought it looked more like Agent Smith.


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