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And Now, the News.

Awhile back, as part of a project I was working on with Joe over at Brainchild Collective (@Bcollective on twitter), we caught up with Ryan Nobles (@ryanobles on twitter), a newscaster here in town who’s one of the coolest personalities on the air today.

We wanted to represent him a way that wasn’t the boring shot of a newsman with a microphone so we elected to have him serving breakfast, along with the news. To someone in the shower. I mean, isn’t that what you want? The news as early as possible? Besides, don’t you like Corn Flakes?


We shot a fair number of other things that day, but I liked this best. We also shot this over the summer. Back when it was warm. And we saw the sun… Ah, memories.

Maybe eventually Richmond will dig out. We’re hoping that Jim Duncan, Andrew Freiden, and Tom Patton have something good to tell us by the weekend!

Oh, and check out these guys, all updatin’ their site and all! ‘Member the shoot with them a few weeks ago?



That’s what they were calling it in the twitterverse.
It’s snowed here two weekends in a row. I spent the time bundled up with the fam since my daughter’s only interested in talking about the snow.

I did manage to sneak out (and almost freeze my fingers off) this past Saturday to sneak a few pictures. It’s funny how such beautiful stuff as snow can bring a city like Richmond to a grinding halt.

snow walk-6370

There was ample sledding at local Forest Hill Park.

snow walk-6389

The local playground didn’t look as inviting as usual. More like something out of Silent Hill.

snow walk-6405

There’s just something about a bit of blue filter and a snowy road scene that just evokes desolation. You’d never know the sledders were just down the way.

I thought the images looked a lot like pieces from a film so I borrowed some post process techniques and made them look like this.
Thanks for visiting. I’ll try to update more frequently.


The Patrick Henry Charter School.

There’s an old Richmond Public School near my house that the city decided to close a couple of years back. It’s a beautiful old building and I’ve used it as a backdrop for shoots before, like this one and this one. So when the people who are spearheading the effort to make the charter school a reality called and asked if I had time to help, I was happy to oblige.

Patrick Henry School-2906.jpg

They had a cleanup day a couple of weeks ago and invited me to come. I didn’t have to dig anything up or move any dirt. My job was just to photograph stuff so that they had images for their newsletters and website.

Patrick Henry School-2940.jpg

They had a set timeframe and ended up with a whole passel of volunteers to help brush the dust off a facility that the city doesn’t use anymore. I’m really excited to see how their curriculum shapes up and thrilled to see new life in the building.

Patrick Henry School-3211.jpg


A Snow Day.

Richmond is just not equipped for large amounts of snow and, as such, the city shut down after we got dumped on yesterday.

I took a few minutes before trying to convince my two-year-old daughter that the snow was fun – she didn’t believe me, came crying back to her mother – to shoot a few images. What’s funny is that as soon as I got outside, I remembered what I’d been told about how snow lied to light meters, telling them that there was more light than necessary. The first Polaroid I shot was way overexposed. I had to underexpose two stops to get these to work. They’re unremarkable, but hey, they’re pictures of snow.



This one is actually exposed correctly as I shot it the night before, while the snow was coming down. The shutter was open for 8 seconds, give or take, at its widest aperture.



The Cool Kids.

I’ve got a couple of shoots in the works over the next few weeks. In the meantime, I’m digging through my archives and posting some stuff that I like. I’ll be updating the website sometime over the next couple of weeks too, but not until I have some solid work to use.

Richmond is not really a moped/Vespa kinda town, but we have a burgeoning group of folks, young and old alike, who ride the little things. There are even a couple of places that sell the things here. They’re cool and get killer gas mileage. It’s not like gas is getting cheaper after all. This is a guy I shot a couple of years ago, looking cool. He’s kinda indicative of the entire group of the cool kids.

matt 1.jpg


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