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Time Off.

I’ve got a fairly large backlog of stuff to work on and it’s not all of it photo related.
To catch up, I’m gonna stop posting for a few days. Not to worry. New stuff will be here soon.

In the meantime, an old buddy of mine’s come back to town and agreed to lemme make her look cool.

img 6185.jpg

See how I’m gettin’ my money’s worth on that gun prop?
I’ll be back before you know it.


Look to the Skies.

The Timekeeper's Daughter-4821.jpg

I’m working on some new stuff that’s got atmosphere. Like this.
Thanks a lot to Jennifer who was all about having her picture made.
I got some help from Nia, who works just as well on both sides of the camera, evinced here and here. We set up the lights for this and had Jennifer stand in the cool rain for about 25 minutes before we wrapped.
This image is new and different for me ’cause the retouching will be done by my twitter bud, Tanya Nichols. She was interested in honing her skills and asked me if I had any images I could let her work on. I told her I’d have new images from time to time and that she was welcome to help out with them when they came up.

I’ll post an update when she sends me something back.


The Fashion Police.


These two women are the same person. On twitter, she’s the RVAFashionista. She runs this blog. I’m working on a project with Joe over at Brainchild Collective featuring some of the cool Richmond kids on twitter and she’s one.

She’s got the last word on Richmond fashion, whether it’s shoes or tops or how your empire waist dress oughtta fit.

Check her out.


No, YOU’RE The Man!

Outta Here-9220.jpg

Shot the 8th grade graduation for my old school the other day. It’s fun to see the kids I’ve known since they were 10 just before they head off to high school.

These two were outtakes. One supremely cool fella up top and the disorganization that is a bunch of 8th grade boys on the bottom. This was the beginning of a cat-herding that would end up as the class portrait. Go figure.

Outta Here-9244.jpg


A Lady, Darkly.

The first time I met Tatiana, she was still an undergraduate in college. These days, she’s a bartender and a graduate who’s thinking about law school.
Fortunately for her, she’ll always have a second career.



The Revolution Will Not Be Televised.

But I’m thinkin’ it’ll be a good idea to get some of the stuff that’ll help you make your way through. I mean, how many post-apocalyptic video games feature at least one character wearing one of these? Bonus points to whomever comes up with the longest list.



An interesting note: The letters on his fingers read “gain” and on his left, “loss.” I completely forgot to shoot both sides with the Polaroids. The film is forthcoming.




One of the things I’ve lost control of in my old age is my ability to be punctual. When I was in college, “on time” was 5 minutes ahead of the scheduled time, “late” was the actual scheduled time, and after that was unacceptable. Somewhere near the time that I got a car, quick, wireless internet access, and a child (or maybe the three have nothing to do with one another), I lost it. I stopped even caring.

I routinely leave the house without one or two required items for my day. If it’s my watch, I sometimes take a pass and live without it for the day. If it’s my camera, I have to circle back and pick it up. My neighbors must think I’m nuts for going back and forth from the car as many times as I do in the morning on my way to work.

I point all this out because a couple of years ago, when I shot this, this model was late. She was half of a duo for the day so we lived without her in her absence. I was sifting through my hard drive looking for pictures of my daughter — my wife needed something — and saw this, an image I’d not “published” before. It made me smile, because I’m pretty sure I was a little behind schedule that day, but the model was later than I. To be fair, it wasn’t her fault. Her roommate had had car trouble and she was duty-bound to help out. She apologized profusely, though it didn’t matter. It was a laid back day.


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