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Some friends of mine are getting me to shoot their wedding at the end of the month. It’s cool ’cause a couple of other photographers are invited as guests and I think they’ll probably bring their cameras along so there will be a slew of points of view to explore.

So anyway, we went out to the space and wandered around. I brought my point-n-shoot and had to work pretty hard to shield it from the rain. It was cool ’cause there was this mist floating across the water behind them and there were lots of cool places for portraits. I’m definitely gonna try to go back for a different project or two.

The other thing that’s interesting is that I used this software to make this collage. It was recommended to me by the woman who publishes this cool food blog. While I’m not sure that the software’s exactly what I need, I can be certain that I’ll be checking out the blog on a regular basis.

M & S- collage


Light Fare At Can-Can.

I carry a camera of one type or another with me all the time. Occasionally, it’s a film camera. There’s a romanticism to film that I like. Sometimes it’s a digital camera, a small point-and-shoot or a somewhat bulkier DSLR. I always have my phone with me, and you’ll have to remind me to show you some of the stuff I’ve seen with it sometime. Today, it was the DSLR.

I was meeting an old friend, the one who blogs. I’d cancelled on her earlier this week and, after giving me no end of e-shame (to include a blog post about standing her up, after which she went on a proper date, thankyouverymuch), we conspired to meet at what I’d almost blithely described as “the French place in Carytown,” Can-Can.

Though it’s been a bit drizzly here in Richmond lately, the light’s been beautiful. There’s so much to see, when you know what to look for. I figured that the light would be nice near the front of the restaurant to snap a few images for fun. In fact, every time I pass that place I marvel to myself how wonderful it would be to shoot a real portrait there, and then I never do. And I didn’t today.


What I did shoot however, were some images of the space, which always makes me wish my wife and I had more time to just lay about and spend money without a care in the world. Sadly, we have to work. But in addition to having beautiful light and being a fun place hang out and have a lazy Paulaner, Can-Can has great food.

We noshed and talked about old times and old acquaintances and did a fair amount of people watching, after which we parted ways. The general manager knows both of us from restaurant circles and bade us a nice evening as we left.


As I come to the end of this post, it occurs to me that there may even be a “she said” version of these events, and so there is. Check it out and have a good weekend.


The Next Contestant Is…

Vanessa over at the Mommy Gourmet (a Richmond, Virginia-based food blog) is a neighbor of mine, as I’ve pointed out before.
She’s apparently entered one of her culinary creations in a contest for which she had to use three ingredients (asparagus, prosciutto, and lemongrass). She asked me if I could shoot pictures of it so she’d have some to upload her entry and host on her blog
Naturally, I said yes. Head over to her post about it to see how it’s made. I think we picked the same images though. 🙂

And here they are.

Mommy Gourmet-8327.jpg

Mommy Gourmet-8334.jpg



These are the top 25 blogs. I’m not sure how they’re calculated but what I thought was interesting was that this one was included in this secondary list. I kinda always thought this image might work for that site. *Shrug.*


I guess you never know.


Image Hounds.

One of my students connected me to this little gem.

It’s a weblog of images. In itself, not so terribly amazing. For years I’ve been sifting through the web, looking at images. This is the first collection that I’ve seen that refers the viewer to other images that are similar to the one he or she clicked on. What’s more, each of the images has a URL from which it originally came.



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