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A Guest Star.

The internet is filled with creative people.

One of them is Tanya Nichols of Cre8tn, a graphic design outfit she used to run here in Richmond, Virginia but has moved (along with her husband and family) to Northern Virginia.

She and I have developed a relationship via twitter (Here she is, BTW) where we talk about design and photography’s use in design related endeavors.

During one of our discussions, she mentioned wanting a crack at one of the images from this post. Once I’d emailed it though, she requested clouds and began to make it into the image you see below. I figured since she’d made the new photo, it was apropos to let her talk a little about it here on the blog (and thus get myself a little time off).

So, without further adieu, here’s Tanya:
TScott_yellowCar After I tinkered

Scott’s newest photography essay highlighting vintage autos brings sexy back to these oldie but goodies.

I fell for his Polaroids several months ago and the moment I saw his newest loves I could almost feel the yellow crying out for a wee bit of the PhotoShop magic.

I have to say many thanks to Scott for letting me play dressup with his artwork. He must have thought I was crazy as I documented most of the process through .gif images. Glad to say he survived my seizure inducing .gifs and hot darn it was absolutely a pleasure to work with him.

So. That said, I think this week I’ll unveil some of the snapshots I’ve been collecting lately. If you’re super interested, there’s an entire flickr group dedicated to this kind of thing. Have a gander.


Down My Street.

I pass this car every day when I bring my daughter home from daycare and think, “Man, it must be cool to ride around in one of those, now that everyone drives something that’s run by a computer and mostly plastic. I should stop and shoot a picture or two of it, just for me.” I never do. Last weekend, I got off my duff and did. I shot half a roll standing around this car.

black comet 1.jpg

Again, I’m not thrilled with the scans, but it’s the darkroom potential I’m interested in. My mother-in-law’s got a friend who’s curating a black and white show later this summer and because I have a few prints of my own hanging here in the house, I’ve been nominated. It’s the reason I’ve been working on black and white stuff at all. Well, that and it’s fun to work with an image from start to finish.

black comet 2.jpg

In dealing with these scans, I’ve come to realize that the thing about Photoshop I get the least – at least as far as black and white imagery goes – is how to deal with contrast. To be fair, I scanned these using a computer with which I was not completely familiar, but I kinda thought that rescuing the haze that’s in the first image wouldn’t be too hard once I’d dealt with the levels in PS. I’m not sure I’m right.

But since the stuff I post here on the blog is for practice (I have a guy for when I need to actually have stuff scanned for real), it’s not killing me. Anyway, it’s a fun car to look at…


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