A Guest Star.

The internet is filled with creative people.

One of them is Tanya Nichols of Cre8tn, a graphic design outfit she used to run here in Richmond, Virginia but has moved (along with her husband and family) to Northern Virginia.

She and I have developed a relationship via twitter (Here she is, BTW) where we talk about design and photography’s use in design related endeavors.

During one of our discussions, she mentioned wanting a crack at one of the images from this post. Once I’d emailed it though, she requested clouds and began to make it into the image you see below. I figured since she’d made the new photo, it was apropos to let her talk a little about it here on the blog (and thus get myself a little time off).

So, without further adieu, here’s Tanya:
TScott_yellowCar After I tinkered

Scott’s newest photography essay highlighting vintage autos brings sexy back to these oldie but goodies.

I fell for his Polaroids several months ago and the moment I saw his newest loves I could almost feel the yellow crying out for a wee bit of the PhotoShop magic.

I have to say many thanks to Scott for letting me play dressup with his artwork. He must have thought I was crazy as I documented most of the process through .gif images. Glad to say he survived my seizure inducing .gifs and hot darn it was absolutely a pleasure to work with him.

So. That said, I think this week I’ll unveil some of the snapshots I’ve been collecting lately. If you’re super interested, there’s an entire flickr group dedicated to this kind of thing. Have a gander.


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