The Mommy Gourmet.

Having a new baby around the house means a lot of being stuck inside, minding him. Especially for my wife. This might not be a big deal if we lived somewhere that was always really cold or dark. But we don’t. In fact, spring is doing its best to show up here in Richmond and so today, it was really hard for my wife to be stuck inside with our new son screaming his head off.

Cue the neighbors who invited us over for drinks this afternoon.

My wife’s day got better by a factor of a bajillion when she had a chance to talk to other adults while someone else (namely me) held her screaming son she as sat outside in the niceness and had a drink.

To sweeten the deal, our neighbor, Vanessa, is a killer cook. She runs a blog chock full of stuff that she cooks regularly at her house like all the time.

I know, I know. “Gimme the picture” you’re saying. It’s comin’. Gimme a sec.

Anyway, Vanessa saw some of the food I’d shot, so I brought my camera to grab a few images at her house while we were there. She wanted me to help her figure some stuff out using her camera. This first is a spread she “just threw together.” It was two different kinds of fancy fried won tons, some chips and guacamole. She’s such a show off.

Drinks with the Neighbors

This was her daughter, double-dipping her chip in the honey mustard. But anyway, go check out Vanessa’s blog. Make some of her food. You’ll like it. www.mommygourmet.blogspot.com

Don't Mind If I Do.


1 Response to “The Mommy Gourmet.”

  1. March 19, 2009 at 8:00 pm

    Don’t trash on Jillian for the double dip… the girl likes some honey mustard… what can you do??? No really, it was so nice to see you guys. Really.

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