Vacas Marrones.

With apologies to Keith Carter, I post this image. It’s actually the product of sitting in fields watching cows for hours. Mister Carter’s image is more majestic, and actually features horses.

The thing is, I’m a city boy, but not a big enough city to matter. I grew up in Virginia Beach. It’s city-esque in that there’s not much in the way of rural parts of it, but it ain’t New York. As such, meeting the cows who live on (follow closely here) my wife’s mother’s cousin’s dairy farm in eastern Tennessee was kinda neat for me. On two separate occasions I hung out with the easily rattled bovines and snapped their pictures. I was hoping for majestic. What I got is more along the lines of, “What’re you doin’ here, son?”

Anyway, the real reason this is being posted is that even if I shoot more film, I can’t get it processed until after January 5th, when the photo shop I patronize reopens. While it’s true I could process black and white film at home (and I’ve got easily a half dozen rolls that need the attention), the truth is I just don’t wanna get my hands all wet and “chemically” while it’s chilly outside.

So if you’re paying attention, I’ll be posting largely old work for a week or two. A lot of these are images I never printed, so they’re kinda like new work to the people who know me.

Enjoy. Comment.

vacas marrones009.jpg


1 Response to “Vacas Marrones.”

  1. 1 anubis839
    December 29, 2008 at 2:26 am

    Brown Cows.
    I like cows.
    There’s a farm near my house that is presumbly owned by an old timer who refuses to sell, anyways there’s always cattle out grazing and whatnot in the fields…I like seeing it next to the subdivisions being built up around here for some reason.

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