What A Big World It Is!


So I got this new lens and I’ve been dying to get a shot with it. I was stymied over the weekend after it got here ’cause I had nothing lined up. I shot a number of images through my office window, but none of them were all that interesting. In the end, I had only to look into the eyes of the youngest member of my family to find a subject.

The problem with the brilliance of my plan is that she doesn’t stand still. Like ever. Especially when she’s awake. Go figure.

This is a grab from a quick trip to the playground. She wandered around and fell in the woodchips a couple of times. She managed to climb on nearly everything there, but she was not a fan of looking in the camera. At any rate, this is kinda the way I see her now that she’s both ambulatory and headstrong: from behind.


1 Response to “What A Big World It Is!”

  1. September 18, 2008 at 1:47 pm

    Mr. Scott,

    I can see as to why you were anxious to test this lens. It gives a very interesting feel to this picture that would not be present with a standard lens. However, I do feel that this photograph is lacking in color contrast. Since the rocking truck is red, it’s the first place the eyes will look towards. It stands out among all the other objects in the picture, whether the focus is on it or not.

    On a side note, I noticed your comment on Brent’s blog and wanted to clarify about it. This is meant as encouragement to complete Portal, and not as criticism. GLaDOS is actually the girl singing the song, that being the female robot voice that is conversing with you throughout the game. Wondering why she’s singing? Complete the game and you’ll know. 😉

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