Craigslist, Or How To Get Tied Up Waiting for Something.

tied up

I have scored exactly three paying photo jobs via Craigslist. One was a retirement party that needed to be covered, one was a headshot, and one was this young lady.

Her ad said she was looking for someone to shoot tasteful nudes of her tied up, using a technique called (I think) Shibari. She was to be partially unclad and her boyfriend would tie a few intricate patterns of knotted rope, binding her. On the surface, it sounded fishy, at least that’s what I thought. I mean, I understand that people are into such things and I’m not repulsed nor do I have a hyperactive need to judge, but advertising on Craigslist to find a photographer seemed odd.

I sent her an email initially and she said that she’d found some other photographer. In essence, “Thanks for responding, but buzz off. I’ve got someone.” A couple of weeks later the ad resurfaced, and I answered it again. This time she agreed. I told her (truthfully, I might add) that I don’t like to shoot people cold and I really would feel more comfortable, especially given the kind of shoot she wanted, if we met beforehand.

We met. She and her boyfriend seemed normal enough. They chainsmoked through the entire encounter. She told me that the original photographer made some demands with which she was uncomfortable: (1) Her boyfriend couldn’t come (2) He wanted rights to use the photos however he wanted after the shoot and (3) She needed to show up at his place studio at night for the shoot. I, of course, felt like it would be super weird if her boyfriend didn’t come and truly, never figured that there would be a huge market for the images later. She was in the clear with me on those two points. Finally, I had to point out that I had an infant daughter and my wife, no matter how understanding she was, she was not gonna be okay with me out at all hours. We agreed on a daytime shoot when all of our schedules could mesh and left it at that. Jim was with me and swore they’d never follow through. He was wrong.

The shoot went off without a hitch and I got something like 60 images that she liked. She paid and when she did, I asked if it was okay if I used one image for the blog I was writing then. She said yes.

This is the image I picked.


2 Responses to “Craigslist, Or How To Get Tied Up Waiting for Something.”

  1. 1 Anonymous
    September 5, 2008 at 8:53 am


    Absolutely beautiful picture you have there. The lighting on it makes a perfect contrast between the dark background and central object. It really accentuates the red in the rope and gives the whole picture a “glowy” feel, for lack of a better word (and me being tired).

    The story itself was also interesting. You pulled me into the mind of the characters, making me try to think what they might be thinking. I would enjoy writing further, but alas I have places to go.


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