Before we left for that trip to England back in March that I keep talking about, I had to get a new battery for my PowerBook. The one that I’d been using had been through the ringer and was down to about 2 hours of use time. I knew that wouldn’t help me on an 8 hour plane ride, so I opted for a new one.

Although I know all this already, I still find that it’s useful to share some information that David Stoline posted some time back on his blog:

Don’t leave your laptop plugged in all the time, if you do, you might as well remove the battery and store it with a half charge. This might not be true anymore with Li Ion batteries. I’m not sure… someone will know in the comments.

Turn down the monitor’s brightness.

Avoid using the CD/DVD drive.

Turn off the keyboards backlight.

Turn off Bluetooth, Airport, Sync, System Sounds. If you’re not using them, don’t turn them on.

Cut down on running applications.

Remove external devices like mice, iPods, other USB devices.

Use Safari. It may just be me but Firefox is slow with all the Add ons and memory issues.

Change your power settings to “Better Battery Life”. This will often change your processor power to enable longer battery life.

If you notice your fans are turning on more and more, they could be clogged with dust. It’s worth spraying them out with a can of air to get the debris out of the heatsink and fan housing. It was hard to believe how much dust choked my HPs fans.

If all else fails, it might be time for a new battery. That may not be a bad thing since some non-Apple batteries have higher capacity then original Apple equipment.

The entire blog post (with some interesting comments) lives here.
via Applegeeks


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