Mrs. Butter-One.

My dad (whose birthday was on Saturday) used to make most of the breakfasts at our house. He made cream-of-wheat, but not as well as my mom and he scrambled eggs and made French Toast. Occasionally, he’d even pull out our antiquated waffle iron and make waffles for us.

But what he excelled at was pancakes. Dad was in the army when my sister and I were kids and he’d been stationed (along with the rest of us) in Germany where, if I understand the story correctly, he learned to make these beautiful crepe style pancakes. I could eat 10 or 12 of them because they were so thin. They were rounded by these lacey edges and the colors of golden brown he could make were simply magic.

The syrup of choice at our house was Mrs. Butterworth’s. As an added bonus, before I figured it out, Dad would let us talk to the bottle. He would talk out of the side of his mouth while we paid rapt attention to the sugar filled vessel on the table. We’d seen her move and talk on TV so it wasn’t a stretch to believe that our own bottle had things to say. My sister fell for the gag longer than I did, but I still loved it even when I knew better.

It’s because of this history that I have with the lady on the bottle who my sister called Mrs. Butter-One that this most recent Geico spot is so funny.


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