A Different Kind of Blog

I’ve never been one for blogging. It’s a little too much like navel gazing, a little too weird. What gets written here will live on forever in the ether and eventually, someone will see that I’ve written something stupid sooner or later. Worse still, what if I make a typographical error? My students would have a field day. I’ve had two blogs prior to this one. One was for the now defunct JimScottPhoto and we only posted photographs and (occassionally) the stories that accompanied them. The other was set up by my graduate advisor for me to document my work in a class I took. Both of those blogs languish. I hope not to allow this one to do so.

All of this is to say that while the primary purpose of this blog is to keep up with the photographs I make for myself and for others, from time to time I’ll put a link to something that might be kinda photo related, just ’cause it’s interesting. There will be connections to photographers whose work I like. There will be connections to blogs about work that I like. There will even be the odd bit of useless information, because I think it’s fun or interesting or something.

Anyway, my wife and I rent stuff from Netflix and have had a pretty good run of it. One of the things that we both tend to like is television shows. It turns out that they’re easier to watch en masse than in the weekly installments that are usually parsed out. (There’s probably a whole other post based on that somewhere, but for the time being I’m staying on topic.) I recently was told about this site: hulu where lots of the stuff we rent is available on the web for free. Curious, no?

At any rate, I’m waiting to be accepted into their beta pool. I’ll be certain to post anything entertaining that I glean from the experience.


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